Social Impact Assessment

TESCL’s Social Impact and Stakeholder Engagement Team has thorough, systematic processes, both qualitative and quantitative. Our technical strength and strong communication skills mean the team provides our clients with robust and reliable data, and the evidence to support well targeted reports and strategies. We also help clients to plan and deliver clear messages about social issues and how they are being addressed.

Our experience and expertise across a wide range of industries means we work effectively on largescale, complex and controversial development and infrastructure projects, whilst maintaining positive relationships with communities and clients.

Our specialist services include impact assessment, stakeholder engagement strategies, social impact management plans and social performance monitoring and review. We engage with key stakeholders to better understand their interests and values and to identify social impacts of concern. We work with clients and stakeholders to develop appropriate strategies for minimizing negative impacts and to enhance project and operational benefits at both local and regional levels.

Involving communities in project development from an early stage has significant benefits, including:

  • Reduced project risk and costs
  • Increased acceptability
  • Focused assessment programs
  • Improved planning and design
  • Long term partnerships and relationships forged for later project phases
  • Improved organizational reputation.

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