Our Team

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    Julius P Gontako

    Chief Director
    Msc.Climate change(Melbourne), PostGradDip Sust.Dev(China) Bsc.Env.Planning & Mgt(IRDP)
    Dip Ed(KLERRUU)
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    Dr. Pius Chaya

    Director Community Resilience project
    Phd. PPP(UDOM) Msc.PPM(Australia) Bsc.Env.Sc(SUA)
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    Faustine Daniel Kim

    Director Environmental Compliance Projects
    Bsc.EDU (St.John's) Dip.Ed (Morogoro)
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    Prof. Baltazar Namwata

    Research,Training & Advocancy Manager
    Phd.SocialSc(UDOM) Msc.Agr.Ed&Ext(SUA) Bsc.Agr.General(SUA)
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    Majaha Malongo

    Community Resilience Project Manager
    Msc.Env.Plan & Mgt(IRDP) Bsc.Env.Plan & Mgt(IRDP)
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    Hollary Charles Laiser

    Environmental officer
    Bsc.Environmental science_UDOM
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    Aida Alli Gilla

    Project Officer
    Bsc.environmental planning & management (IRDP)
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    Dr Fredy L Maro

    Policy,Strategy & Marketing Manager
    Phd.Env Sc (UDOM) MA Dev.Studies(UDOM) Bsc.Env Sc (SUA)
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    Chrispo Nicholau

    Counsel & Legal Affair Manager
    Bachelor of Law(UDOM)
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    Irene Elikana Nsemwa

    Finance,Human resource & Administration Manager
    Adv.Dip Accountancy(CBE)
    Dip Acc& Adm(CBE)
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    Sospeter G Maya

    Environmental Compliance Manager
    Msc.Env.Plan & Mgt(IRDP) Bsc.Env.Plan & Mgt(IRDP)
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    Daudi Richard Malusu

    Environmental management System officer
    Bachelor of environmental planning & management(IRDP)
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    Aileen Richard Mosi

    Monitoring & Evaluation Manager
    Bachelor Degree in Environment Planning & Management(IRDP)

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