Terrestrial Ecology

TESCL have a fully qualified and highly experienced team of ecologists with extensive expertise in terrestrial ecological assessment and management. TESCL ecology team combines solid skills in survey design, field survey techniques and analysis of ecological data, with a comprehensive understanding of legislation and ecological conservation and planning requirements. Our staff are members of professional ecological organizations, and are fully licensed for complete flora and fauna survey, collecting, trapping, capture and handling.

We are consistently engaged to provide advice for major complex projects and are highly respected in our field. Key projects have included high level ecological constraints analyses, strategic ecological offset planning and complex, large-scale ecological assessments. We frequently undertake baseline surveys designed to provide targeted ecological constraints and opportunities assessments for significant projects. We are leaders in the development and implementation of biodiversity offset strategies.

TESCL team is committed to providing high quality and thorough assessments that satisfy the requirements of our clients and relevant determining authorities

Our services include:

  • Assessments undertaken in accordance with the Biodiversity Assessment Method (BAM) under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016
  • Assessments undertaken for biobanking, FBA and Biocertification (under transitional arrangements)
  • Vegetation and habitat surveys and mapping, including local, regional and multi-regional scale vegetation mapping and vegetation community classification
  • Terrestrial flora and fauna surveys and assessments and ecological constraints analyses for strategic planning and individual development proposals
  • Ecological assessments according to relevant national legislation, including Species Impact Statements
  • Regional scale biodiversity conservation assessments, including studies and assessments for biodiversity certification and biobanking
  • Conservation offset planning, including the preparation of biodiversity offset packages
  • Advice on endangered ecological community identification and management, including robust approaches to delineate vegetation communities to satisfy legal scrutiny
  • Ecological management, restoration and habitat conservation plans for recovery planning for endangered ecological communities, endangered populations and threatened species
  • Peer review of ecological assessments on behalf of state and local government and private organizations
  • Expert evidence studies and advice for court hearings, appeals, Commissions of Inquiry and Panel Assessments
  • Pre-clearance fauna and flora surveys, monitoring of clearing, hollow salvage and re-erection and fauna capture and release
  • Erection and monitoring of nest boxes, including expertise and qualifications in working at heights
  • Studies for native vegetation clearing permits and ecological requirements for property vegetation planning
  • Ecological monitoring programs, including ecological condition monitoring, rehabilitation monitoring, landscape function analysis and photo-monitoring; and
  • Revegetation and bush regeneration planning and advice, and development and implementation of rehabilitation strategies.

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