Strategic Review & Policy Advice

TESCL has a long history of working with government and industry on the development and review of policy frameworks for environmental, social and resource management issues. Our experience and understanding enables us to help clients to resolve complex interactions between National and local government requirements.

Our strategic review and policy services include:

  • Providing evidence based policy options for government consideration
  • Undertaking strategic reviews of existing policies, programs and guidelines for government and industry
  • Drafting policy directions, guidelines and consultation material for government
  • Drafting submissions in response to existing and proposed policies that may impact the community
  • Developing innovative tools and procedures to manage regulatory compliance requirements
  • Developing internal policies, strategic programs and reporting for corporate clients including large, multi-national clients.

At TESCL, we provide analysis of government policies, programs, plans and advice on emerging environmental issues or statutory requirements. As part of this, we assess environmental and social opportunities, constraints and risks that include community perception and understanding. We provide strategic and up-to-date advice that allows clients to incorporate practical and sustainable solutions into their operations.

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