Regional and Strategic Planning

Our team has an up to date and refined understanding of the evolving strategic and policy frameworks that affect environmental management and decision making. We provide information and advice to clients about the strategic implications of emerging environmental issues and policy responses and about the effects of overlapping legislation and policy frameworks between state and local government.

We also assist government and private sector clients with the preparation of strategic plans, such as regional natural resource management plans, community involvement programs, project positioning and research programs.

We assist clients with:

  • Critical reviews of draft government policies, programs and regional plans during the consultation phase
  • Briefings and awareness raising programs for senior management on critical emerging environmental issues and trends and the implications of new statutory requirements
  • Integration of multidisciplinary or multi-jurisdiction policy strands to highlight potential conflicts and benefits
  • Integrated assessments of environmental constraints and risks to new projects, particularly during the concept planning phase
  • Preparation of environmental management systems and related management plans, based on strategic assessment of issues and risks
  • Preparation of regional scale natural resource and cultural heritage management plans; and
  • Identifying strategic conservation management opportunities, by providing both technical expertise and policy review.

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