Social Appraisal

TESCL undertakes Social Appraisals that engage with key stakeholders to better understand their interests and to obtain well-structured feedback about action and outcomes Social appraisal processes provide clients with information about the outcomes of programs and actions that they have implemented, facilitating improved strategies to deliver cost effective benefits for businesses and communities.

TESCL Staff strong technical capabilities and our ability to work as part of an integrated team of multidisciplinary specialists means we provide thoroughly scoped and technically robust assessments that are also adaptable and flexible in meeting our clients’ needs.

Our Social Appraisal, monitoring and evaluation programs assist our clients with the right information to appreciate and benchmark:

  • Changing demographic and institutional contexts
  • Community perceptions of all aspects of the project
  • Current emerging issues and impacts
  • The most effective management and enhancement programs, based on regional, national and international evidence
  • Business performance in a social and environmental sense.

Our strong client relationships, targeted analysis and clear, easy to communicate results assist clients to plan and implement effective ‘fit for purpose’ appraisal and evaluation programs. These programs provide valuable inputs to business and project planning, to ensure that the most value is created at both an organizational and community level.

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