Land Use Planning

TESCL’s specialist greenhouse gas and Clean energy services include compliance reporting, impact assessment, strategic advice and management planning. Our team assists clients who are seeking development approval, compliance reporting and strategic advice on greenhouse gas mitigation programs.

Our experienced personnel have developed their expertise through a decade of experience in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, across multiple state jurisdictions including:


  • Strategic planning frameworks
  • Regional and local scale planning studies and instruments
  • Master plans and urban design
  • Natural hazard management
  • Managing potential conflicts associated with land use change and landscapes in transition
  • Development assessment
  • Planning reform and review
  • Landscape design


Our team understands what’s needed to create robust,evidence based planning frameworks, which provide clarity and certainty for government, community and proponents. Our understanding of planning contexts helps our clients present the right information to streamline major development assessment processes. This saves time, reduces approval costs and contributes to efficient, innovative and sustainable use of valuable landscapes and urban spaces.

Our planners have contributed to the reform and updating of state planning systems, providing advice to government and working with the development industry to shape practical, transparent and cost effective change. We work with a strong network of specialist urban designers, economists and transport planners, to tailor expertise that benefits every project.

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