Aquatic Ecology

TESCL’s aquatic and coastal ecologists have the depth of knowledge and relevant skills to fulfil our clients’ aquatic legislation and planning requirements in freshwater, estuarine and marine environments.Our clients benefit from our ability to integrate aquatic and coastal ecology with terrestrial ecology, and natural resource management, community and cultural heritage. We collaborate with other highly regarded aquatic ecologists on specific projects to ensure that a comprehensive service is provided.

TESCL’s aquatic and coastal ecology studies range from detailed scientific investigations, monitoring and field surveys through to impact assessment, management guidelines and habitat restoration

The TESCL team has extensive experience in aquatic ecology services including:

  • Environmental assessments of port facilities
  • Eutrophication of estuaries
  • Stygofauna assessment
  • Detection and identification of introduced and invasive aquatic pests
  • Formulation of management options for estuarine habitats within areas under increasing land use pressures
  • MAssessment of sea level rise and climate change impacts on coastal ecological communities
  • Beyond BACI (Before, After, Control, Impact) study design and appropriate use of statistical analysis and rehabilitation
  • Restoration and creation of coastal and freshwater wetlands for various environmental or management outcomes
  • Design, implementation and monitoring of short and long term rehabilitation projects including improving habitats, revegetation, habitat creation and amelioration of impacts.

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